Tract – Memory Builder

This is one of the first tracts that I put together. We all tend to forget things. Memorizing things using numbers is one memory technique. Ray Comfort of inspired me on this one. The illustrations are by Paul Clarkson (permission from Ray Comfort to use the graphics). Visit his site for some really great tracts.

This tract is designed so that anyone with a printer can print it out. If you have a color printer, that is even better. It is two-sided.

Here is the text of this tract:

Oh no! I forgot!

We all have forgotten one thing or another, more often than we wish. It is worse when it is something very important.

Recalling things is something we can learn to do. There are a few techniques for remembering things. We are going to illustrate a technique that uses numbers and pictures to help you recall things in a list.

Let’s say you want to remember ten things on a list. First number them one to ten. You may have a list of things to do for that day and it is important that you remember and do them in that order.

Second, create a picture of what you want to remember with the number of the item in the picture. The crazier, bizarre, or outrageous the picture is, the easier it usually is to recall the item. This method also allows you to recall each item in or out of order at any time. This comes in handy when shopping without a written list!

As an example, to the right, we have given you the Ten Commandments. Each has its corresponding number
within its own picture. Review them until you think you can recall them all.

Then test yourself on the following page.

Download the tract to see the graphics.

May the Lord richly bless you!

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