Christian TV Online via

Are you looking for TV that is spiritually positive? Click on!


There is something on 24/7! Pastors and speakers like Chuck Smith, Jack Hayford, David Jeremiah, Bob Coy, John MacArthur, Jack Hibbs, Pancho Juarez and Billy Graham plus many more.


You can access the above plus more like Hal Lindsey, Roger Oakland, Greg Laurie and more.  Also, there are movies that you can watch on demand, too, like Lost Boy, From Fury To Freedom, Da Vinci Code Revealed, The Jesus Film and others.  Some are evangelistic and some are teaching.  Share them with those who need to know the Lord!

MOBILE can be accessed through your mobile phone. I don’t believe that you can watch everything through your mobile phone, but there is enough!


Do you have a favorite teacher that you want to see? Check the schedule to see what is available.


If you have a prayer request, you can send that too.

May the Lord richly bless you!

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