Show Me A Man’s Friends …

Psalm 1

“Show me a man’s friends and I will show you the man.”

I am not sure who said that but it is very true. Who you hang around, you will be like.

If you want to be a blessed person, find those who seek their counsel from those who are Godly, study the Bible and obey it. God has pronounced blessings for those who read and obey His Word. He also has pronounced curses for those who do not follow His Word.

Second, follow in the steps of the Godly. If you are following the ungodly around, you are more prone to do the things that they do. Put yourself in places where people take the Word of God seriously. In order to know what those things are, you must study the Word of God.

Third, don’t put yourself in the place where you are constantly with those who are scornful or one who shows disrespect toward others. You will eventually be like them.

Being a Christian is to be Christ-like. Pray. Read His Word with a heart to obey it. Obey it and you will be blessed.

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