Did Bill Nye Tell A Huge Lie About The Fossil Layers?

Image: Bill Nye (Wikimedia Commons).

Did you get a chance to see the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye “the Science Guy” the other night? It was definitely entertaining. Unfortunately, it didn’t do much to clarify the issues that millions of Americans tuned in to learn more about. In fact, viewers got a lot of information from Bill Nye that simply is not true.

For example, Bill Nye made it sound like science has discovered fossil layers all over the earth that are neatly stacked on top of one another with less evolved creatures in the earlier layers and more advanced creatures in the upper layers. He also made the incredible claim that you cannot find a single fossil which is in the wrong layer. This is such an elementary mistake, and exhibits such a complete ignorance of what the fossil record actually shows, that he should have been laughed off the stage. This is exactly the kind of extreme anti-intellectualism that Nye was supposedly trying to warn people about. Sadly, our society has been so “dumbed down” that there are lots of people out there that will actually believe him.

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